Ways to Get Fit and Maintain it without Drastic Measures

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Becoming and staying fit is a goal that many hope to achieve. Fitness is not only eliminating excess pounds but is a matter of being healthier and active. So many programs and myths proclaim to be the best or only way to get fit. But in reality, there are many ways to get fit. Many people have individual personal issues deal about fitness. Being able to educate yourself on the immense number of fitness programs and tips will help you devise a plan tailored to your lifestyle A personalized plan will help you achieve your personal goals and other factors that affect you.

One of the pieces is to get a work-out buddy. Find a buddy that you can trust and enjoy working with. Choose someone with similar goals, who can offer meaningful praise and constructive criticism when needed. Your buddy will have firsthand knowledge of your efforts, struggles determination and accomplishments. They also supply valuable motivation.

Don’t just make a resolution to get fit. That is too vague and easy to put off. Take the time to asses your fitness goals. Record your weight, body measurements and even your current fitness level. This can mean testing yourself on how many pushups you can do, how long you can run or jog, how much you can lift and other activities.

Choose activities with results that can documented so you will be able to chart progress. Refer to your beginning baseline and periodically reassess your self using the same criteria. You will see changes that are not visible, such a minor weight loss, a decrease in your waist, hip or thigh circumference and increased speed and endurance while running. Be aware that as turning fat to muscle mean that your true reflection of weight loss may be slightly distorted because muscle tissue weights more that pure fat.

Don’t just set your workouts to a rigid time frame. Find chances along the way to do mini workouts by changing your lifestyle in small ways. Choose to take stairs and skip the elevator. Park farther from stores so you will have a longer walk to the store. Find exercises that can be done from your desk or in a seated position.

Set reasonable goals for yourself and reward yourself things that help to further your fitness goals. Buy yourself new workout shoes, a pedometer, an mp3 player to use when working out anything that will help you enhance your workout in new and interesting ways.

Focus on activities that you enjoy doing, It may be walking, hiking, biking, aerobics or even yoga. Make it a family event so you can spend time together. These things will make workouts an enjoyable time to have fun doing and not just a dreaded activity.


As you can see, there are endless ways to find a workout program that is right for you. It just takes the time to assess your goals, your interests and ways to merge the two into a plan that greatly increases to succeed. Keep these tips in mind and soon you can be the one receiving compliments on your success and giving advice to others on how to get it done.

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