Turning Fitness into a Family Activity

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The fact is that obesity and unhealthy lifestyles are skyrocketing. There has never been a time when this has been such a common health problem. It not only affects adults but also affects children. There is direct link between being overweight and out of shape parents and how it can be passed on to their children in many ways through genetics and environment. But this does not have to be inevitable. There are many things that can be done to shape a family into a physically fit family with a healthier lifestyle.

Parents are the main factor when it comes to controlling family life and children. Parents who don’t eat healthy meals will not only be more likely to be overweight and out of shape, they are also setting their children up for the same issues. There are many health issues that have a negative impact on people such as a higher risk of diabetes, cholesterol problems and impaired mobility issues.So it is vital that parents establish a healthy lifestyle that will improve their children’s lives forever.

Parent’s should motivate their children to be active. Don’t allow your children or spouse to spend hours on the internet, watching television or immersed in video games. This not only affects their fitness level but can keep them from experiencing the activities of the world beyond technology. It can even isolate your family members from each other, as they each are engrossed in their own technology devises.

Call a family meeting and talk with family members about the unhealthy lifestyle choices that have been a part of family life. Let them now that there will be changes made and that these changes will benefit in many positive ways. They will most likely be unenthusiastic about eating less junk food and eating more vegetables, but you can lessen that by explaining about the new activities that your family will be doing.

During this family meeting, ask your children about activities that they enjoy. Find out their interests such as hiking, swimming, bike riding, walking or running. Brainstorm about new activities that you may have never done together. You may find they are interested in rock climbing, snorkeling, skating, exploring the forest or beach, or boating.

Finding these new activities to pursue will really enhance their enthusiasm level. It will also help your children to feel as if they are an important part a part of the process and not just something that they have no say in.

Have a mini Olympics or assessment regularly for the fun of it. Start by assessing, recording and documenting the beginner stats such as weight, speed measured distance running, amount of pushups and things like that. Then periodically have your mini Olympics so everyone can see their growth and gains. But above all, keep a sense of fun about it and remind everyone that everyone is a winner for their participation.

As you can see, physical fitness can be great family activity that builds muscles an strengthens family bonds. Everyone can participate and develop a sense of pride an accomplishment. So gather your family today and get started on your family fitness project today.

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