Helping Your Kids Get Fit

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Most kids these days would rather get on the computer, watch tv or play video games than would rather get outside to play. This is not a good thing, as more and more kids are becoming obese. That’s why it’s important that you as the parent take your kids and help them to get fit. Here are some tips that will help you get a handle on your kids’ fitness so that they can be healthier.

Be a good role model and make sure that you are active in the first place. If your children see you being active, they will not know that there is any other option. Make sure that the kids see that you are being positively affected by your fitness, and that will encourage them to get fit too.

Help your kids to be active at least one hour every day. That may seem like a long time, but you can break it up into chunks of time throughout the day.

Do family exercise activities. Do things together, like family hikes or roller skating day. These actions will help you bond as a family and give you quality time with the kids, but will also help all of you be fit.

Don’t punish them with exercise. Exercise should not be seen as a punishment, just like food should not be seen as a reward. Get your kids moving, but don’t make them feel like they are being punished, unless you never want them to be fit.

Limit tv and computer use. When you limit time in front of screens, kids start looking for things to do. You can be happy to get them out of the house and send them on adventures, so that they stay active.

Make fitness part of their daily routine. When you make fitness a part of their routine, like brushing their teeth or making their bed, they are going to realize that fitness is something that they do, just like everything else. This will help get them used to it, which is a great thing. When they become adults, they won’t forget.

Let your children pick what kind of activities they want to do. Giving them some kind of control over their actions is something that most kids love, so when you let them choose their physical activities, they will be more likely to stick with the ones they chose.

Emphasize fun. A lot of times, children really don’t care about “being healthy”. They are kids! It’s an abstract concept to them, so don’t bog them down with information about calories and cell function and circulation and metabolism. Just focus on the fun that they feel when they’re out doing something they enjoy. They will be able to understand that.

It is critical that your children stay healthy and active. As their parent, it is up to you to ensure that they are exercising and keeping physically fit. Use the ideas in this article to start helping your children get fit, and you’ll soon be able to see some positive things happening for your kids.

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