Fitness Myths to Work Through

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There is so much information out there, that it can be easy for you to stumble across information that is incorrect, or what’s more, dangerous. This article contains some common misconceptions about fitness, so that you can separate fact from fiction.

MYTH 1. You can eat whatever you want, even if you exercise. This is one of the more damaging myths out there. After all, think about it. Do you think it’s okay to eat an entire pizza just because you happened to go running this morning? Of course not! When you eat poorly after your workouts, what you are doing is undoing all the work you did at the gym. Not only that, but filling your body with junk food is going to have a bad effect on your body, and will ultimately make exercise less effective for you. The sugar and salt in the food you eat will ensure that you aren’t as healthy as you would be otherwise.

MYTH 2. When you reach your target weight, you can stop exercising. This is something that a lot of people try to convince themselves of. Exercise isn’t always fun, and if you can cut it off when you have reached your target weight, a lot of people choose to do that. However, that is a mistake. Exercise isn’t only about weight, it is about improving your metabolism, decreasing stress and being healthy. Not only that, but there is a chance that you will gain your weight back if you stop exercising altogether.

MYTH 3. You only need to exercise for a few minutes a day. This is yet another misconception. While you don’t need to exercise all day, you do need about an hour of exercise every day. You can divide that hour into 10-15 minute chunks, but you do need to get in that amount everyday for maximum fitness.

MYTH 4. All exercise is equal. While all physical activity is helpful to your body, you are simply not going to lose as much weight strolling down the street as you would if you were speedskating. You will not be as fit if you lift no weights, as opposed to lifting weights. There are exercises that will be good for you, and some that are better. But they aren’t all equally beneficial to your body.

MYTH 5. You don’t need to change your life if you get fit. Of course you do! You need to change the way you eat, you need to change the way that you treat your body. The changes are your choice, however, and it’s a change for the better.

Use the information here to make sure that you get fit the right way. Make sure that you do your best to avoid myths and misconceptions when you are trying to get fit. You’ll find that you are able to do everything you need to do to be fit and healthy if you take the time to read this article and use the information to your own benefit.

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